Saturday, 13 December 2008

Just a quickie

I have a wonderful friend who, for personal reasons, has had to go undercover! She has a great blog at I HATE TO WEIGHT and I think you'll recognise her instantly!

She talks sense and she writes with honesty, compassion, warmth and a rawness which can make you whince at times!

I hope any readers of Annie's Rexia check her out - she makes for some interesting reading...

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MelissaS said...

annie, i love you. i can't believe you could think of me what with all you're going through.

i hope you know how wonderful you are. we all treasure you.

please value the legions who love you, who respect you, who honor you and

please -- i know it's hard-- eradicate the voices that take you down. THEY'RE WRONG.


listen to us. aren't we the people you love and value the most. why do we give so much power to people who SO don't deserve it.